Crystal Fear, Crystal Clear

The film documents the true impact of crystal meth use and provides an intimate look into three families whose lives are affected by this drug.

Crystal meth has become the drug of choice with teenagers in small towns across North America. It's cheap and easy to get, but also highly addictive and can cause permanent brain damage. Working in her home community of Hope, British Columbia, filmmaker Eva Wunderman documents a year in the lives of three families devastated by this drug. A high school girl moves in with her drug-dealing boyfriend, a young musician grapples with this powerful and seductive addiction, and a teenage girl becomes estranged from her mother.

Steve Fachler, principal of DASP Alternate School, comments on his experience in working with these teenagers to complete high school. Dr. Gabor Maté, physician and author of Hold On To Your Kids, reflects on this phenomenon as part of a larger picture. Maté sees it as part and parcel of a general social-cultural breakdown-old social attachment structures of village clan, tribal community, neighbourhood and extended family have fallen by the wayside and been replaced by peer attachments.

Crystal Fear, Crystal Clear sheds light on a rapidly growing problem for communities of all sizes across North America.

Five years after the release of Crystal Fear, Crystal Clear, director Eva Wunderman checks in with one of the families featured in the film and protrays their continuted struggles in aftermeth: a family story.


Genre: Documentary
Year: 2005
Duration: 45 min
Producers: Patti Poskitt and Eva Wunderman
Director: Eva Wunderman
Director of Photography: Robert Fresco
Editor: Jane Morrison
Networks: CBC - The Passionate Eye, SBS, CBC Radio-Canada, TV4 Sweden
Educational DistributorMoving Images
Educational distributor US: ICARUS Films
Copyright: Wunderman Film Inc. 2005


BEST DIRECTOR 2010 - New York Independent International Film Festival

GOLD AWARD BEST DOCUMENTARY 2008 – Worldfest Houston

BRONZE PLAQUE THE CHRIS AWARD 2007 – Columbus International Film & Video Festival

FINALIST BEST DIRECTOR 2006 – The Freddies International Health and Medical Media Awards



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