Edna's Bloodline (2017)

The Commissioner in Nunavut, Edna Elias, receives an email from a distant relative in Sweden, Fredrik Norberg. Fredrik tells her he is writing a novel based on Edna’s great grandfather Petter Norberg’s life. Petter Norberg was also the brother of Fredrik’s great grandfather.  Edna and Fredrik decide to go on a joint mission to trace Petter’s incredible adventures in Canada.  Petter left Sweden in the late 1800’s and found his passion for the dangerous and challenging life in Canada’s far North. His life differed drastically from Fredrik’s great grandfather, who remained in Sweden.  During the trip to Nunavut, Fredrik discovers a culture very foreign to his own and decides to share the Swedish roots with Edna. Both learn a priceless lesson about how the knowledge of their origins helps bridge the gulf between their ancestors and their own future.


Genre: Documentary
Year: 2017
Duration: 58 min
Producers: Eva Wunderman, Kimberley Wakefield
Director: Eva Wunderman
Director of Photography: Todd Craddock
Original Music: Hans-Erik Philip
Editor: Kelly Morris
Networks: SVT, TVO
Educational Distributor: Moving Images
Copyright: Wunderman Film Inc. 2017