Lucy's Vet Ventures (In production)

Lucy's Vet Ventures takes veterinarian Lucy Kinninmonth to animal sanctuaries around the world.  It documents the plight, rescue and care of wild and domestic species: donkeys in Aruba, wombats and snakes in Australia, condors and monkeys in Peru, homeless pets in California to name a few.  It captures the drama and intimate stories of the volunteers who dedicate their lives to this heart breaking, and heart warming, cause. 

"Veterinarians view the world through the lives of animals.  There are stories of cruelty, abuse and neglect. There are also stories of rescue, care and devotion.   I am a vet.  This is my world."  – Lucy


Genre: Documentary Series
Year: 2015
Duration: 30 min episodes
Host: Lucy Kinninmonth
Writer: Trudy Norton
Director: Eva Wunderman
Director of Photography: Todd Craddock
Copyright: Wunderman Film Inc. 2015